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Breaking Into Design, a Google Drive with +12 FREE guides and books featuring expert tips and tricks on recruiting, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and ultimately landing an offer in product. This is a Work-In-Progress, stay tuned for more!

+100 Company Guides by Pathrise, an INSANE resource that provides detailed guides in design for over 100 tech companies.

The Laws of UX, a really awesome site that is a collection of maxims and principles for UX designers. Created by Jon Yablonski.

Typeout provides rich, relevant and quirky library of UX copies.

Case Study Cluba site collecting "only the latest and greatest case studies on digital product design" and featuring must-know Q&A.

Springboard Blog, a general repository of amazing resources, articles, and information for aspiring UI/UX and product designers.

21 Essential Design Interview Questions and Answers, by Dribble.

15 Essential Design Interview Questions and Answers, by Toptal.

70 Product Design Interview Questions to KNOW, a Pathrise guide that features need-to-know questions and the companies that ask them. Here is another different guide they wrote, but on Medium.

25 Design Questions and Answers, by Springboard. 

11 Common UX Design Interview Questions,  by CareerFoundry.

2 Techniques to Improve Your Design Resume, by Springboard.

16 Core Principles for Up-And-Coming Designers, a guide by Springboard focused more on key design skills, not interviewing.


Becoming a UX Researcher, by Springboard.

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