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This section is mostly for those interested in founding/building their own startup in college (or out of college!), as well as those looking to break into venture capital out of undergrad (which is almost as rare as accomplishing the former). If you are looking to acquire hands-on VC experience, you may consider applying to student-run venture capital programs such as Dorm Room Fund, Contrary Partners, and more.


The Ultimate Startup Checklist, featured on Product Hunt.

Black American Startup Resources, featured on Product Hunt.

Startup Mate, +700 resources for your next startup.

YC Startup School, a free online resource + community for founders.

YC Startup Library, a free repository of videos, podcasts, & resources.

Startup Codex, a free startup resource directory designed for founders.

120 Great Tools For Startups, by The Entrepreneur's Handbook.

A Crash Course On Startup Validation, by Mindspace.

20 Questions You WILL Be Asked After Your Pitch, by VentureLab.

The Venture Capital Jobs Blog, a FANTASTIC, must-see resource.

Recruiting For Venture Capital, a guide by Mergers & Inquisitions.

Inside The Venture Capital Recruiting Process, by True Search.

Breaking Into Venture Capital: Interview Tips & Templates, by Going VC.

Getting A Job In VC: Student Edition, by Sarah Downey // Medium.

How To Find A VC Internship, by Justine & Olivia Moore // Medium. These two are also great to follow on LinkedIn, and create great content.

How To Land A Startup Internship, an article by Justine & Olivia Moore.

How To Break Into Corporate VC, an article by Justine & Olivia Moore.

From VC Internship to VC Full-Time, an article by Justine & Olivia Moore.

Top VC Interview Questions & Answers, by Basile Bedek // Medium.

Top 9 VC Interview Questions, a short but sweet guide by Investopedia.

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