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Breaking Into SWE, a Google Drive with +12 FREE guides and books featuring expert tips and tricks on recruiting, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and ultimately landing an offer in software engineering. This is currently a Work-In-Progress, so stay tuned!

93 Questions and Answers from Top Tech Companies, a guide on interview questions - and which companies ask them - by Pathrise.

The DEFINITIVE Interviewing Study Guide for SWEs, a very detail-rich site with links to amazing resources for aspiring SWEs.

LeetCode, the definitive SWE interviewing site to enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, and prepare for technical interviews.

Springboard Blog, a general repository of amazing resources, articles, and information for aspiring software engineers.

Cracking the Google Coding Interview, by Educative.

31 SWE Interview Questions & Answers, by Springboard.

Top 50 SWE Interview Questions & Answers , by Guru 99.

Top 7 SWE Interview Questions & Answers, by Indeed.

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