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Breaking Into Product Management, a Google Drive with +10 APM guides and books featuring expert tips and tricks on recruiting, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and ultimately landing an offer in product. This is currently a Work-In-Progress, stay tuned!

The Product Buds Wiki, an incredible repository of free and high-quality PM recruiting resources, guides, and sites. A MUST-SEE.

+100 Company Guides by Pathrise, an INSANE resource that provides detailed guides across product, design, and engineering in over 100 tech companies, big and small. A 100% must-see.

The 'Ultimate' Interview Checklist for PMs, by Product School.

The 'Ultimate' List of PM Interview Questions, a short guide by Product School on questions you HAVE to prepare for.

130 Product Manager Interview Questions to KNOW, a short guide by Pathrise on must-know questions and companies that ask them.

Common Pitfalls During Product Management Interviews, a piece by Agile Insider and Yogesh Soni // Medium.

Questions to Ask AFTER Your PM Interview, a guide on questions YOU should be asking YOUR interviewers at the end of interviews.

The 'SAR' Technique For Tackling PM Interviews, by Product School.

The 'Technical' PM Interview Question Guide, by Product School.

The PM Interview, the de facto website that hits you with an infinite amount of sample technical / behavioral interview questions.

How To Crush Your Product Management Interview, an article by Soundarya Balusabramani // Medium.

A Beginner's Guide to Product Management, by Rocketblocks.

Preparing for Google PM Interviews, by Rocketblocks.

Preparing for Facebook PM Interviews, by Rocketblocks.

Preparing for Amazon PM Interviews, by Rocketblocks.

Daily Product Prep, a daily newsletter that sends you PM interview questions. You have to "upgrade" to premium in order to get the solutions unfortunately, but it's freemium model gets the job done!

Lewis Lin's Product Community on Slack, a great community that connects aspiring APMs / PMs and existing APMs / PMs.

Women in Product Slack, a community for women in product.

Product School Slack, another Slack for those interested in product.

Key Terms To Know As An Aspring PM, by Product School.

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