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I must admit: The Job Hunt, in its current state, is heavily focused on a very particular subset of internships, jobs, and opportunities in not only the economy but also wider society as a whole​.

Yet there are so many industries and spaces we have yet to cover. Pre-Med (and the hundreds of jobs in the Medicine Space). Pre-Law. Politics and Government. Media and Entertainment. Theatre. Drama. The Arts. Architecture. Graduate School. Higher Academia. Social Work. Nonprofits. Education. Animal Work. Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, and all other types of Engineering. Aviation.

There are thousands of jobs and hundreds of potential spaces you could, and should, explore. If you are looking at all the categories listed in this site, and aren't interested in any of them... perfect!

It is my absolute intention - and goal - to provide you the resources you need to land your dream internship/job no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you've accomplished.

If you're already on this site, and in this particular section, then I trust you are incredibly ambitious, hard-working, and driven.

Below are some initial resources to help you get started. As we build and grow The Job Hunt, we will continue to add more sections and resources for an ever-growing, ever-increasing motley of the jobs and industries out there. Bear with us, and in the meanwhile check out our general recruiting resources to help you get started! And of course, if you're not seeing something you want to see, feel free to reach out, contact us, and let us know! We are here for YOU. You got this.

A List of Jobs With Career + Salary Information, a pretty darn near comprehensive guide and site by The Balance Careers.

A List of +2,000 Jobs, a site and directory by CollegeGrad.

Vault, a general resource for researching and studying industries.

JobStar Central, yes, this site looks really old (which may seem like the understatement of the century, or whenever this was first made) but it provides links to useful introduction resources!

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Career, by Job Hero. This is a great site with links to resources like career diagnostic testing, skill assessments, and company culture + career transition resources.

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