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UrCollegeSis, a platform that provides free, high-quality content on academics, lifestyle, productivity, and professional development.


The Ultimate Guide To First Principles Thinking

Maker Readers, a data-driven book recommendation engine for those interested in everything from marketing and startups to philosophy.

CareerBabe, a TikTok-centric career-oriented account that provides super digestible, quick and easy professional advice, tips, and tricks.

100 Questions Asked By Google, a fantastic Github repository that spans across SWE, APMM, APM, and other roles at Google.

Her Campus, the Money + Career section especially helps provide up-to-date, valuable news and resources for female students., a salary aggregator that lets you compare salaries across varying firms, industries, and roles (primarily in Big Tech).

ThriveCash Salary Index, another salary aggregator that indexes salaries in Consulting, Banking, Tech, and Law.

Handshake's Tips For Virtual Recruiting, a quick-and-easy series of guides that do NOT require a Handshake account to access.

Intern Link, a platform that connects mentors with students eager to work on side-projects to augment their resume and experiences.

Help With COVID, a platform that connects ambitious, caring students + postgrads with critical COVID-related nonprofit projects.

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