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An Authentic Guide To Networking, a long-form article on the what, why, where, when, and how of authentic networking.

Sprout Mentorship / Mentee Platform, where current students are paired with postgrads and working professionals of their choice.

Design Buddies, an inclusive design community of all backgrounds to connect, share resources, and connect with mentors + mentees.

Wonsulting, a community that turns 'underdogs into winners', and especially helps non-target students land their dream careers.

Lunchclub, a platform that curates 1:1 professional connections and relationships based on your background, goals, and interests.

Mentors of Color, an organization designed to help foster mentor / mentee relationships for people of color in the tech community.

Black Career Women's Network, a career development program dedicated to fostering the professional growth of Black Women.

Tech Ladies, a site that connects women with the best mentors, jobs, and opportunities in tech through webinars, newsletters, etc.

Out For Undergrad, an organization that hosts conferences and workshops for high-achieving, LGBTQ+ undergraduate students.

Product Buds, a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment for aspiring Product Managers of all identities and backgrounds.


Tech Pod, a community of students and mentors aspiring to break into the business side of tech via newsletters and workshops.

Help Your Peers, a peer-to-peer volunteer mentorship network and platform for those affected by the pandemic.

Remote Students, an invite-only community for students to get access to work opportunities, resources, & advice from each other.

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