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Acing Your Interviews Part One and Part Two, a two-part guide for how to succeed in interviews, tell your stories with both structure and strategy, and put your best foot forward. Part One covers the fundamentals (elevator pitch, the STAR method, and behavioral interviews) and Part Two covers cultural-fit questions, technical interviews, and how to properly conduct practice interviews).

The Job Hunt Blog, hey that's us! Every week we'll publish posts on how to tackle and crush a specific behavioral question. There are thousand of possible questions you could be asked, so we'll just go through them all and learn how to ace them one by one. Subscribe below to get your weekly email reminder and access!

Top 50 Most Asked Interview Questions & Answers, a short but highly succinct and comprehensive guide by The Balance Career.

100 Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions, by KickResume.

LinkedIn's 30 Essential Behavioral Interview Questions, a curated guide by recruiters on must-ask interview questions for candidates.

The Balance Career's 18 Cultural Fit Interview Questions, a curated list of the most commonly asked cultural-fit interview questions.

Glassdoor's Guide to Behavioral Interviews, a beginner's guide for  tackling and answering basic behavioral interview questions.

Indeed's Guide to Demonstrating Cultural Fit, a beginner's guide for how to research + understand culture and demonstrate fit.

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