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Finance is a pretty broad field, so I have collapsed this section to include positions like investment banking, sales & trading, equity research, financial planning & analysis, accounting, quantitative finance, PE/HF, and the like.


Breaking Into Investment Banking, a four-part guide for understanding the industry and how to ultimately land an offer no matter your school. The guide covers everything from recruiting prep starting freshman year (spoiler alert: unlike consulting, there is a trick here) to walking your interviewer through a DCF and navigating the in's and out's of investment banking recruiting (and converting your Superday into an offer!).

+10 Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, and Equity Research Guides, yes again, you heard that right, we've compiled over ten unique guides that combined feature more than +200 technical finance interview questions and answers, all at your direct viewing pleasure now!This is an all-purpose finance resource, check it out!

Vault's Definitive Guide to Interviews in Finance, this is a FANTASTIC free PDF guide (171 pages) on breaking into finance.

What is Investment Banking, by Wall Street Oasis (WSO).

The Perfect Investment Banking Resume Template, by WSO.

The Perfect Private Equity Resume Template, by WSO.

15 IB Questions To Prepare For To Land The Offer, by WSO.

13 PE Questions To Prepare For To Land The Offer, by WSO.

21 Finance Questions To Prepare for To Land The Offer, by WSO.

Accounting Interview Guide, by Corporate Finance Institute (CFI).

134 Accounting Interview Questions & Answers, by Guru 99.

Common Accounting Questions & Answers, by eFinancialCareers.

Financial Planning & Analysis Interview Guide, by CFI.

30 Financial Analyst Interview Questions, by Indeed.

Quant Finance / Hedge Funds Recruiting Guide, by Street of Walls.

Quant Finance / Trading Interviewing Guide, by Trading Interviews.

A Quant Finance Guide For Students, by Chandini Jain // Medium

The Wall Street Oasis Interview Database, this is ONE of the most useful resources I've personally used when preparing for finance interviews. You can essentially search up entire interview questions by company and city, crowdsourced from fellow members and users, so you can better prepare for the future by learning from the past. It requires you to submit your own interview experiences, but that's part of the magic of working together!

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