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I made it a conscious point to include BIPOC, working class, immigrant, and women's resources included in the main sections, but there is so much work that needs to be done in fostering DEI in higher education and the workplace that I have also made this separate category to highlight even more resources and platforms that deserve more love and the spotlight. Check them out!


Diversify Tech, a collection of resources for the underrepresented in tech.

A11yresources, a growing list of more than 200+ hand-curated accessibility plugins, tools, articles, case studies, design patterns, assistive technologies, design resources and accessibility standards.

Black Female Founders, a platform that provides resources for Black women-led tech-based startups throughout the Black Diaspora.

Latinas In Tech, a nonprofit that connects, supports, and empowers LatinX women in tech with safe spaces for mentorship + recruitment.

devcolor, which hosts the A* Program where black engineers can network, find mentors, and participate in professional workshops.

Techqueria, a nonprofit that builds Latinx-centered spaces that revolve around career advice, mentorship, jobs, and networking.

Black Tech Pipeline, a service based platform bringing exposure, resources and opportunities to Black technologists and allies.

Black Code Collective, a platform dedicated to fostering greater representation, leadership, and mentorship for the Black community.

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