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A Guide To Breaking Into Consulting, an eight-part manual for how to break into consulting no matter your school. The guide covers everything from recruiting prep starting freshman year to acing casing, market sizing, the synthesis... all the nooks and crannies, and the in's and out's, of landing an offer in management consulting.

+500 Consulting Guides & Case Interviews, yes you heard that right, if you want to access more than 500 consulting guides and case interviews (as well as their solutions!), then check out this Google Drive! If you're starting to prep for interviews, then this is resource you CAN NOT miss out on. The Drive is constantly updated as well.

Cornell Consulting Club Resources, while clubs generally keep their resources private, CCC made their's open-source! 100% must check.

Cornell Consulting Club Case Videos, in case you want to see a live demo of what a solid case performance looks like, check this out!

Rocketblocks Guide to Consulting, if you're new to consulting, then this is a great read (not so much if you already know the basics).

Street of Walls, another great resource for those who want to learn more about consulting. It's frameworks section in particular is great!

Answering 'Why Consulting', by Wall Street Oasis

Cracking the McKinsey PEI, McKinsey has a very unique approach to asking behavioral interview questions. Check out the secret here!

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